Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Serato Scratch Live and the evolution of the DJ

What is Scratch Live???

It's a USB audio interface that connects Turntables(even cd turntables) to a computer, and gives DJ's the ability to play Music from thier PC or Mac's MP3 collection. It comes with 12" vinyl records and cds that have control signals that allow the Scratch Live software to track the motion of the vinyl.

It wasn't, by any means, the first attempt to bridge the gab between old school vinyl and digital MP3's. That honor goes to Stanton and it's Final Scratch. However, unlike FS, it actually works and is a legitimate substitute for vinyl. How is that possible? A. very little and practically unnoticable latency, B. Stability. Does that mean that it is crash proof and never prone to potential problems? No, but it works, and I've personally gone through 4-5 hour long sets with out a problem.

What makes it so evolutionary in the world of DJing?

  • Elliminates the neccessity of having to carry around heavy crates full of vinyl records and/or cds - The only thing to carry around is your laptop and the interface.
  • Elliminates the cost of having to purchase media(vinyl or cds) - one can download the tracks that they would want in thier arsenal online. Legally, of course. Which is still cheaper than buying actual media.
  • Gives users the ability to manipulate thier own sounds - For example, one can record thier own voice and scratch to it.
  • Best of all is the software, which is easy to use and has so many features - The many features can be applied to standard DJ'ing with two turntables and a mixer.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tech News

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